GCSE Science

General revision tips are on this page.

Information on how to answer Science exam questions (including the six mark questions and calculations) are on this page.

All of the links below work best if you download the PowerPoint file, rather than viewing through Google Slides.  All resources are those I have used to teach, so they’re mainly my own with the odd slide / photo / image / question set that I’ve borrowed from elsewhere, and are provided here as a revision aid for students.

General science resources:

How to draw a graph activity

New (9-1) AQA GCSE Physics / Science Links:

If you started Year 10 on or after September 2016 and will achieve a numbered grade (9 to 1) then these resources are for you.  Please note that resources are only available for topics I have taught – so all of the Physics GCSE (and Physics parts of the combined science “trilogy”) and parts of the Biology and Chemistry.

Resources updated May 2018

Physics (if you are doing combined science, make sure you don’t revise any of the lessons that are marked “GCSE Physics only”)

Biology (combined science “trilogy” only, so if you study GCSE Biology then these resources do not contain ALL the info you need).

Chemistry (combined science “trilogy” only, so if you study GCSE Chemistry then these resources do not contain ALL the info you need):

OLD Edexcel GCSE Science / Physics links:

These resources are for the OLD letter grade (A, B, C etc.) GCSE.

Resources updated 23.05.16

Core (P1)

Additional (P2):

Triple (P3):